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Compliance Training Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations face multiple challenges - from balancing the need to control medical staffing costs while still delivering high-quality care, to managing a unique set of healthcare compliance requirements that include federal and state laws and regulations. As a result, healthcare companies have complex workforce training needs.

Compliance Training helps some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations stay up to date while quickly adapting to the constantly changing, highly regulated environment in which they operate, while still focusing on employee engagement, satisfaction, and development. The right LMS can help your organization to provide excellent patient care, reduce costs and stay within strict regulatory requirements.

LMS Administration

Improve Compliance

Automatically notify supervisors of incomplete learning and notify learners and supervisors of expiring certifications - all done quickly, simply and automatically. Each learning element may have notifications tailored to the specific purpose. Make it fun by utilizing gaming technology to engage learners to complete levels and achieve rewards!

LMS Administration

Automated Reporting

Have standard and custom reports automatically delivered to the designated individuals or groups. Select which Team managers will get the report, how frequently the report should be delivered, and how the report should be formatted. You can choose to send PDF, Excel or a variety of other formats.

LMS Administration

Reduce Training Costs

Reduce lost production time, cost of facilities, eliminate travel expenses and save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year with our flexible learning management system!

LMS Administration

Rapidly Deploy Training

Simply choose your preferred training method, add the learning element, and enroll learners either individually or in groups. In additional to scheduling and managing traditional classroom based training, you may include anything that can be accessed via a web browser - including eLearning modules, PDF's, videos, pages on your site, documents on file, mentoring, forum sessions, quizzes, surveys, virtual classroom sessions and desktop sharing. You choose the method that works best for you!

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