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Learning Management System and Content

Compliance Training Solutions for Life Sciences

The life sciences industries are undergoing huge changes driven by consolidation and convergence, globalization and emerging markets, cost constraints, and increased competition. With the need to meet ever evolving market trends, manage geographically dispersed teams, offer continuous education, and adhere to myriad regulations and laws – leaders in life sciences organizations know that an effective learning management program is essential for success. Being proactive, rather than reactive, to regulatory change and product innovation is what differentiates top organizations from the rest.

Compliance Training can help you to develop effective and cost-efficient training to keep your employees up to speed on everything from core HR and talent management processes to industry best practices and technological advances.



Gamification is a great way to take your training program to a new level of Learner satisfaction. People typically take training only when it is required. When completed nothing happens except that they get a green check mark and no longer receive email notification warnings.


Mobile and Responsive

Mobile and tablet usage has skyrocketed over the last few years, and that trend will only continue. Previously, a mobile-only website was required, which made it cost prohibitive for most companies. Responsive themes have changed all that.

LMS Administration

Robust Reporting

Included with the learning management system is over a dozen popular reports. Each report can be customized using ad-hoc filters, then saved as a unique report. The Report results can be viewed on page or emailed. Each report may be exported to different formats including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Document, Rich Text Format and CSV.

LMS Administration

Simple to Use

It's simple to set up, simple to use, simple to maintain and simple to get started. In short, it's a simply capable Learning Management System.

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