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Compliance Training Solutions for Manufacturers

Maintaining market share today means creating high-quality, low-cost products while operating on tighter margins. To succeed in this environment, industrial manufacturers need to manage a highly productive and cost-effective manufacturing workforce. With disparate groups of learners in different work environments, countries and cultures, and expectations to adhere to rigorous standards manufacturing organizations are turning to learning technologies to streamline and improve training strategies.

Compliance Training helps industrial organizations to develop workforces and comply with state, federal, or global labor, environmental and safety laws and regulations. Whether your plant employs 50 or 50 thousand, the right training plays a major role in maintaining quality, safety and efficiency.

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Reduce Training Costs

Reduce lost production time, cost of facilities, eliminate travel expenses and save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year with our flexible learning management system!

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JIT Learning

Simply choose your preferred training method, add the learning element, and enroll learners either individually or in groups. In additional to scheduling and managing traditional classroom based training, you may include anything that can be accessed via a web browser. You choose the method that works best for you!

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Robust Reporting

Included with the learning management system is over a dozen popular reports. Each report can be customized using ad-hoc filters, then saved as a unique report. The Report results can be viewed on page or emailed. Each report may be exported to different formats including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Document, Rich Text Format and CSV.

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Simple to Use

It's simple to set up, simple to use, simple to maintain and simple to get started. In short, it's a simply capable Learning Management System.

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