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Enhanced User Experience

The most significant change you can make to your LMS is to enhance the learner's experience whenever and wherever you can. That includes look and feel, gamification and leaderboards, mobile ready content and functions.

To do so, you need the right platform - one that is a top tier LMS and a powerful CMS (Content Management System) - that's where we come in. We have all that and more. Next you combine that with a great content library, customized content that's tailored to your requirements and you have a winning strategy!

Engage Your Audience

  • Gamification and Leaderboards.
  • Social learning and collaboration.
  • Make it interactive.
  • Friendly and fun competition.

Cloud Based Solutions

  • Rapid deployment
  • Lower total cost
  • Secure
  • Eliminate IT gridlock
  • Hardened datacenter
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Tracking, Testing & Certification

The Assessment Authoring Tool allows the LMS administrator to create quizzes and surveys for their learners. Administrators can quickly build a simple quiz that asks a fixed number of questions, or something more sophisticated using question groups, randomization and Learner feedback. The Assessment Authoring Tool has six available question types, time limits, randomization of questions and answers, question grouping, question pools and feedback.
  • ADD GAMIFICATION TO YOUR LEARNING The term ‘gamification’ is used a lot these days. Here’s why – it works! It’s an important motivating factor that increases your learner involvement. When you add gamification functionality to your online learning in the form of badges, points, achievements, and leaderboards, you create a learning ecosystem full of thriving learners that are motivated, engaged, and eager to learn.
  • MAKE IT GOOD LOOKING AND CURRENT Add beauty, depth and personality to your system with easy to use, current tools, functions and imagery that gets your learners excited about what you’ve got to say. Our Content Management System allows you to take advantage of the latest navigation techniques to make it work like the apps they already are familiar with. While you’re at it, why not personalize the content to each group or individual? The sales team and the accounting folks might appreciate messaging and images that they can relate to, don’t you think? Maybe you need a fresh start. The best place to start is with a platform that is current. Should you really bother trying to make a clunky, ‘data-centric’, 90’s style application look slick and hip?
  • UNLOCK SOCIAL LEARNING Once you create an online learning platform where learners can communicate with one another, you’ll find your learners are much more enthused and involved in their online learning program. It’s easy to take advantage of our built in social groups to get the chatter going. There’s even Facebook style walls, the ability to friend one another, and create communication channels that get folks communicating and learning together - as a community.
  • GET INTERACTIVE LMS - interactive? No, that’s not an oxymoron. You can make your LMS interactive! If your LMS is showing it's age, presenting itself as an expensive, clunky data store, can you blame your learners if eLearning is thought of as drudgery? You can change that. Make it a living, breathing activity hub with the built-in gaming and social tools. Gaming and social tools drive greater levels of engagement and interaction - and they're all included! Why not provide the environment where learners can explore the LMS on their own, chat about their achievements with other learners, and share badges on social media? Make it fun!
  • COMBINE SOCIAL AND LEADERBOARDS No one wants to be at the bottom of the leaderboard – so you’ll find competition is vibrant - at the bottom and top of your leaderboard. Make it more relevant by creating one leaderboard for each social group (it's easy!). That way learners become ‘players’ who want to rank well in their group, and also within the entire company. They will ‘level-up’ faster than ever before, and have fun doing it!
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