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What are the key Benefits of a CMS?

Fresh Content and Engaged Visitors

  • Fresh Content
  • Easy to Use and Manage
  • Site Search

content management system keeps your website fresh and up to dateA great Content Management System (CMS) needs to make content management easy, and DNN does just that!

Whether you are a team of one - or a team of many managers, departments and supervisors, editors, and writers, DNN gives every member of the staff a robust editor and terrific options to create great content.

For larger teams, configurable content approval workflows mean edited content can be approved and published with confidence.

content management system allows easy content editingRobust Content Management enables content editors to add and edit content via a standard web browser and requires no technical knowledge. Editors are empowered to create and format text using familiar Microsoft Word-like tools. Editors can easily create new folders and upload new files to your libraries including Documents, PDF's Images, Flash, Audio and many other media types. They can also easily embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in the HTML content via the Insert External Video dialog.

fast and accurate content management search abilityYour going to love the Search capability! It has been rebuilt from the ground-up to provide fast, accurate, efficient, secure and locale-aware access to content in just a few keystrokes.

Results are shown in real-time as you type, showing up as soon you pause in typing. Partial words can also be searched.

Previews are designed to help refine your keywords so you can find things with fewer keystrokes.

Blazingly fast previews also contain direct links to the actual content so you can access them directly from a single place.

Advanced Features

  • Social Networks
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Workflow
  • Security Roles

content management system built in social networkingDNN allows you to build a Social Network out of the box! Now you have a simple way to create an internal social network or online community. Community members can interact with each other in the same way as popular social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others. Community members can become friends with other members and follow them, publish statuses, share things like images, videos, links and documents. Social networks can be applied and used in numerous ways.

Businesses will benefit because of better communication and interaction between employees, and clients experience a higher level of satisfaction from your products and services as a result of their increased connection and identification with your organization.

content management system with fantastic search engine optimization capabilityDNN supports extensive and powerful Search Engine Optimization capabilities giving you the tools you need to get your site ranked highly on search engines! It includes such features such as a URL rewriter, Google Analytics Pro module, editable metadata, support for canonical URLs, semantically rendered menu system, dynamically generated XML SiteMap, control over SiteMap priorities for each page, and the SEO friendly theme itself. Your theme will help your ranking by using H1 tags, Pure CSS designs, and more.

content management system easy to use blogsYour DNN Blog module is an easy to use content publishing module that is tightly integrated with the DNN Platform. This Blog module enables non-technical users to publish and manage articles, news, press releases, stories and editorials. In addition to publishing text content, adding pictures to articles is easier than ever.

All the essential blogging features in addition to multi-author support, advanced comment system, flexible feeds generator, search engine optimized, and integration with many services such as Twitter, Disqus, Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Feedsburner, and Live Writer.

content management system built in threaded forumsSometimes upwards of 90% of all online conversations about your company and industry occur in forums - it is one of the most popular ways to ask and answer questions about brands and products. When you take advantage of the powerful built-in forum capability of DNN, you have the tools to create a thriving community that is loyal and supportive. Take advantage of features like forum moderation, points and rewards system, advanced profile and private messaging options, and many more superb features.

content management system workflow controlsMany organizations require multiple people editing your website, and often that requires a process in which all content must be approved before it gets published. DNN provides these capabilities built-in, including comprehensive Document Management with version control, public or private access to documents and workflow for secure and easy control of your digital assets. With the powerful business rules engine, an administrator can easily implement an approval workflow specific to your needs. Newly edited content flows through your approval process before publication. You tightly control all the content published on your website right from your browser.

content management system security rolesAdministrators can minimize the time required to manage permissions by assigning users to security roles based on their needs. Instead of managing permissions for each individual user, the administrator assigns permissions to the role, and those permissions are automatically extended to every user assigned to the role. Role groups categorize multiple roles for ease of management. For example, a role group named Staff could include the following security roles: All Staff, Telemarketing, Marketing, Sales and Information Technology

Looks Perfect!

  • Mobile and Responsive
  • Themes and Branding
  • CSS and Bootstrap

Your site includes your choice of responsive themes which automatically adapts your content, images and menus to any screen size to enhance the visitor experience. This 'smart' website design means no additional programming, and no additional cost.

Mobile and tablet usage has skyrocketed over the last few years, and that trend will only continue. Previously, a mobile-only website was required, which made it cost prohibitive for most companies. Responsive themes have changed all that.

content management system with thousands of low-cost responsive themes availableA theme is the overall design of your site, and determines it's look and style. You can choose from six different themes (included) or purchae one of thousands of low cost, ready made themes. Your theme is made up of many components, such as font types and sizes, your color scheme and other areas that affect the aesthetics of your site. Your theme helps to reflect your identity through your site, and helps to improve your customer's experience.


content management system supports html5 bootstrap and cssBootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap gives you the ability to create and manage your responsive layout with much less effort.

It includes HTML and CSS based design templates for common user interface components like Typography, Forms, Buttons, Tables, Navigations, Dropdowns, Alerts, Modals, Tabs, Accordion, Carousel and many other as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

Get Connected

  • Learning Management System
  • Salesforce Integration
  • ECommerce

learning management system leader boardsQuickly deliver training to your organization, partners and customers with our full featured LMS - online, instructor led, file and web resources. Integration with eCommerce, Gamification, News Articles, etc. Organize Learning Catalogs with drag and drop tools. Setup Teams for any size of organization. Intuitive layout, feature packed context menus and drag and drop make it easy to organize your Courses and Learning Paths. Create certifications, job/role based learning, or any set of curricula to meet your business needs.

content management system salesforce integrationBring the power of Salesforce and the ease of use of your CMS to create a powerful online lead management system. The Salesforce Add-on is shipped with a leads template that can be picked from the module start screen. The Salesforce Add-on collects the submitted form data and send it across to Salesforce. This highly configurable module will enable you to create entities, such as a Lead, a Case, a Contact, an Account and control which data to pass to Salesforce, including your custom fields.

content management system powerful ecommerce shopping cartThe most powerful, user-friendly and flexible shopping cart module for the DNN platform. Display unlimited products in an online catalog that is easy to organize with unlimited nested categories and pages that are SEO friendly. Search engines point the way to help your customers find the right products immediately. Cross sell, upsell and compare products. The storefront handles thousands of products and millions of orders in your store. A flexible solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of any business, including B2B and B2C commerce.

Comprehensive Email Marketing

  • Easy to Use
  • Content
  • Lists & Subscribers
  • Delivery

comprehensive email marketingAutomatically tracks each email and its link activity. Automated bounce management keeps your lists clean and healthy and contribute to accurate and informative reports. The campaign manager user interface is extremely clean and intuitive to use. 

Reliably send email campaigns to your subscribers, role based users, or email addresses from your legacy application using a SQL Query. Schedule the campaign to be delivered in future or automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly using powerful recurring scheduling capability.

content management system constant contact and mail chimp integrationBuilt in HTML editor allows you to author your email content using any HTML content. It’s easy to create your own using the editor or simply paste the HTML Markup of your pre-defined newsletter template. It’s easy to include an attachment to your newsletters. It’s easy to copy an existing campaign as a basis for your new campaign - also easily save your campaign as a draft so you can perfect it later.

content management system powerful email list managementCreate and manage unlimited subscriber lists. Lists can be Public or Private for internal use only. Quickly see number of active, unsubscribed, and bounced emails for each list. A visual graph shows the list growth over past several months. Quickly add thousands of email addresses by uploading a standard CSV File. Lists can be configured to automatically import new email address form either a pre-defined SQL Query or Security Roles. This enables you to automatically manage the addition of new email address effortlessly. Prior to every campaign delivery, the list(s) will automatically update itself and adding any new email addresses.

content management system powerful ecommerce shopping cartA comprehensive email solution including automation workflows, triggers, SMTP server load balancing and failover, and Automatic Bounce Management.

Email campaigns may be queued for immediate delivery, scheduled delivery for a future date and time (time zone specific), recurring periodic delivery, or based on predefined actions or events.

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