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Extended Enterprise LMS | Reach beyond your internal organization

Extended Enterprise Learning Management System

Compliance Training Solutions provides you the capability to extend your training reach beyond your internal organization. Enterprise Learning Management Systems can quickly have access to tailored content that you control. Different registrant types will have selected content available to them based on their needs, which completely personalizes the experience. For example, customer support may view and access content for their role, while sales and marketing see an entirely different content selection.


  • Support for unlimited channel portals.
  • Privately branded portals for franchises, distribution channels, partners, regional sales teams or customers.
  • The portal's URL can either be full domain parent portals, or subfolder child portals.
  • Each portal can have their own users, pages, menus, and themes - in other words an entirely unique site.
  • Share content from the parent portal, or mix and match with unique content for each portal.

What can you use the Extended Enterprise LMS for?

  • Employees, Customer and Partners
  • Distributed Workforce
  • Franchisees and Channel Partners
  • Educate Customers

Learning management system integrated virtual classroomsLeverage the power of Compliance Training Solutions LMS to extend eLearning across your enterprise. Serve content from a centralized eLearning repository and deliver to any number of privately branded portals. 

Each portal can be personalized using distinct themes, graphics, menu options, features and custom templates to provide a learning experience appropriate to any target audience.


Learning management system ILT waitlistProvide sales and service learning content to remote employees. Filter content access by job position or team.

Track and ensure quality standards are understood and competencies are assessed and achieved from a centralized tracking and reporting.

Reduce your time to market for products or services through advanced training.



Learning management sytem ILT waitlistReuse your learning content to train your Dealer Networks, Resellers and Franchisees by using channel portals. Partners gain access to learning assets, operations guides, promotional materials and approved advertising through their own portals. Provide certification and sales learning content that is accessible from any web browser.



Learning management sytem ILT waitlistCreate customer portals to demonstrate product usage, training guides and FAQs. Reduce Technical Support and Customer Service requests by addressing issues before they occur. 

Turn your channel portals into profit centers by selling your learning content.

Target different customer sets with a variety of on-line stores that sell products from a central repository of learning assets with options to include physical products as well.


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