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Thinking about moving to a New Learning Management System?

Thinking of replacing your LMS? Call Us we're the experts!

Thinking About Moving to a New LMS?

It is true that a thoughtfully implemented learning management system can cut costs in just about every area of the training budget. You can achieve terrific results by combining eLearning with instructor led training (both in person and using virtual classrooms) with our learning management system.
If you already have an LMS that is more than a few years old, it may be time to consider pursuing a more suitable product. Your organization may be missing some important capabilities available in today's learning management system platforms.

Where do I begin?

Generally, there are several important steps involved in evaluating and selecting a learning management system. Below we list them and briefly describe each step. For more details, contact us anytime and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Needs Analysis

This includes creating a written summary of what your learning management system should do for you. You should include interviews from key leadership team members and stakeholders. The document should include both operational and financial metrics.

Define Your Requirements

Focus on what learners and administrators must be able to do with the learning management system. Requirements should concise, discrete (not overlapping with each other) and be defined by your organizational needs. Thought should be given to functional, technical and cost requirements.

Don’t Forget Your History

If you plan to migrate data from your old learning management system to your new learning management system, make sure you can get your data from your existing system. A good rule of thumb is to move as little data as possible – the more data you migrate, the greater chance for issues. You may already have defined data retention policies in place, that’s a good place to start.

Create Your Short List

It’s best to choose the requirements that you feel are unique to you, and make the list based on those learning management systems that meet your requirements.

Evaluate the Products

This step may include an RFI, use case demonstrations, sandbox for testing purposes – it all depends on your requirements.

Select the Product

Now it’s time for you to begin making your decision, ask the vendor to include sample agreements, implementation plans, and cost estimates.
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