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6 Biggest Challenges in LMS Implementation

According to research by Bersin and Associates, Learning Management System users have ranked their top six challenges to successfully implementing a Learning Management System. thousands of installations serving millions of learners in around the world, we know first-hand what the challenges are, and have pioneered best practices in each area to provide our clients with time-tested solutions they can rely on.

  1. System Customization
  2. Content Integration
  3. Integration
  4. Ongoing Administration
  5. IT Issues
  6. System Performance

# 2 - Content Integration

  • Commercial Content Libraries
  • Content Authoring Tools

Because we have over 2,000 implementations serving millions of learners in over 42 different countries, we are expert in integrating content within theCompliance Training Solutions LMS. We support SCORM and AICC content from every leading manufacturer available in the market today. We also have built-in diagnostics to provide specific reports to assist the content development team to rapidly troubleshoot any content integration difficulties.

In addition to the built-in content authoring tools, we also support many 3rd party content authoring tools. Here's a partial list...Articulate, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, iSpring...Virtually any tool that can produce SCORM compatible files

# 1 - Customizations of the System

  • Visual Customization / Branding
  • Extended Enterprise LMS
  • Technical Customization

content management system with thousands of low-cost responsive themes availableA theme controls the overall design of your site, and determines it's look and style. You can choose from thousands of low cost, ready made themes, or you may have a custom theme designed just for you. Your theme is made up of many components, such as font types and sizes, your color scheme and other areas that affect the aesthetics of your site. Your theme helps to reflect your identity through your site, and helps to improve your customer's experience.


Compliance Training Solutions provides you the capability to extend your training reach beyond your internal organization. Enterprise partners can quickly have access to tailored content that you control. Different registrant types will have selected content available to them based on their needs, which completely personalizes the experience. For example, customer support may view and access content for their role, while sales and marketing see an entirely different content selection.

The Compliance Training Solutions LMS includes a comprehensive control panel that enables point-and-click configuration capability so our clients are able to refine the Compliance Training Solutions LMS to meet their individual needs quickly, with no need for any technical assistance. The Compliance Training Solutions LMS also provides Administrators via an easy to understand web based interface, the ability to create and modify categories, curriculum, career paths, course catalogs, tests, assessments, surveys, upload courses, run reports, and virtually all other functions within the system. If you need even more, you can easily leverage the built-in system extensibility to tailor virtually every relevant aspect of the Compliance Training Solutions LMS.

# 3 - Integration with HRIS

  • Web Services API
  • Off Line
  • Single Sign On

The Compliance Training Solutions LMS Web API provides access to all the LMS Administration module services. Clients can programmatically pull learner catalog, tracking and report information from the LMS Administration module into their own custom applications, such as a specialized Learner module.

Compliance Training Solutions LMS has built-in spreadsheets that enable off-line import of data to various parts of the system. For example, this allows simple text based files to be output from your HRIS system, and Compliance Training Solutions LMS understands how to manage the additions, changes and deactivations from your HRIS. These specialized spreadsheets are available to manage all aspects of learners, their course and curriculum assignments, and many other points of integration. Our clients achieve all the key benefits of integration without the hassles.


The Single Sign-On Application installs in an Compliance Training Solutions LMS portal and provides User account management and auto-login/single sign-on (SSO) services to any remote server with proper credentials.
The Compliance Training Solutions LMS also supports Active Directory, Live ID and several other Authentication Providers.

# 4 - Ongoing Administration

  • Administration
  • Help Desk

Simple administration is central to our strategy. We recognize that a Learning Management System must serve its constituents with elegant, highly functional simplicity. We embody this philosophy with two parallel, interrelated strategies. First we make administration and management of the Compliance Training Solutions LMS as simple and intuitive as possible by a collection of consistent, easy to understand web-based interfaces geared specifically to the audience. Second, we adhere to industry standards. The Compliance Training Solutions LMS is created using state-of-the-art development tools, leveraging the most capable and self-maintaining databases and industry standard web services.

responsive help desk ticketing system included with our learning management systemIn order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket. 

Our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction - we are obsessed with customer service!

# 5 - IT issues

  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Premise Based Perpetual License

Many organizations have limited IT resources. Our cloud solution that requires little or no dependency on your IT department. Your site will be up and running quickly with little or no involvement from IT.

From the start, the Compliance Training Solutions LMS has been designed to minimize the impact on the IT environment. Because your IT department already knows the Microsoft .NET environment this immediately makes the Compliance Training Solutions LMS 'main stream'. Also because it's so easy to administer from the web-based control panel, the vast majority of the system functions are intuitive and self-revealing. Why re-invent the wheel by learning proprietary tools and processes that by definition are outdated before they come to market?

# 6 - System Performance

  • System Performance

The Compliance Training Solutions LMS has been implemented from the ground-up to provide phenomenal response time to users regardless of their location, bandwidth and local machine performance. The standards-based Compliance Training Solutions LMS is 'ultra-thin', placing little burden on the infrastructure that will negatively impact performance. Further, we enable widely supported, industry standard approaches to provide superior system performance. For example,Compliance Training Solutions LMS supports single or multiple web servers, redundancy, fail over, clustered servers, storage area networks, separate content servers and many other strategies that can be efficiently deployed to provide unparalleled system performance even as your needs grow and change.

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