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Software as a Service | Cloud Based Learning Management System

Cloud Services

  • Your Own Secure Instance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Hardened Datacenter

Learning management system secure instance of the softwareCompliance Training Solutions LMS clients each have their own individual instance of the system, including database and web files. You do not share an installation with anyone else - unlike most of the competing LMS. As a result, or clients have come to expect superior stability, security and performance.


Learning management system automatic backup and disaster recoveryCompliance Training Solutions recognizes that a complete backup of your LMS and site is a key component of your overall disaster recovery plan.

If necessary, we utilize your complete backup to restore the entire site, or individual files. However, most often it is not necessary - the version control within each module allows a built in undo capability which means you instantly can revert back to the previous version.

In addition to our standard backup procedure, Compliance Training Solutions can customize your backup and data retention configuration to suit your particular compliance requirements.

Learning management sytem automatic software upgradesAs a matter of procedure we will upgrade your site typically twice a year to keep you up to date. Our support team will contact you and schedule a convenient off-hours time with you. Prior to any upgrade, a complete snapshot of your system will be taken to allow roll-back if that becomes necessary.



Learning management hardened datacenterOur primary datacenter is located in the Omaha-metro area. This reinforced structure was originally built by the Dept. of Defense to double as a nuclear fallout shelter for STRATCOM. Maintained by our skilled engineering team, this hardened datacenter secures enterprise-grade website and IT solutions that are hyper-redundant and audited for the most specialized compliance needs.



Extended Enterprise Channel Portals & Access Codes

As part of the Extended Enterprise feature site, the LMS is able to support unlimited channel portals. These can be used to provide privately branded portals for franchises, distribution channels, partners, customers or for any other possible reason. The URLs to these portals can either be full domain parent portals, or subfolder child portals. Each portal can have their own users, pages, menus, themes, etc. Depending on your needs, you can have a) a single 'master' LMS module that is shared across all other channel portals or b) an LMS module added to each portal which results in separate 'silos' of content, attempt records and reports or c) a combination of the two. The following article will focus on the master / channel configuration which provides centralized content management and utilization tracking.

First select which portal will be the 'master' portal and add the LMS module. Next, add any number of channel portals from the Site Management UI.  Each site (portal) can have their own branding, features and members. LMS Learner and Reports modules can be added to the channel portals. From their Configuration settings, attach them to the master LMS module. This will allow Learners and LMS Admin to access their respective Learning and Reports from their own channel portals. Note: you may populate the LMS Admin catalog at any time - before or after you add the channel portals.

The Site Management UI provides an option to Export Site Template. The template can include logos, themes, graphics, user accounts, pages, modules and layout.

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